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The L&D Playbook for Enabling Busy Managers

Go1, in collaboration with the Emerging Stronger team, has created a resource to help L&D professionals experiment with new ideas, break new ground, and explore smart partnerships with managers.

This L&D playbook harnesses the evidence from high-performing learning teams and converts it into 9 insightful and actionable ‘plays’ to help L&D leaders challenge the status quo by working smarter with managers and improve the process of “engaging”, “acting”, and “improving”. Take a look at all of the activities AND choose the ones that work best for you, your managers, and fit best into your business culture.


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Engage, Act, Improve

The 9 evidence informed frameworks and templates in this playbook will help you:

• Engage - work with line managers around a common agenda

• Act - equip managers to take team initiatives to support growth

• Improve - encourage managers with continuous improvement


How to use the playbook in your organization:

The individual plays work because they:

• Are short and sharp – essential for busy managers and L&D leads

• Prioritise everyone’s common agenda – creating better business impact

• Fit within the manager’s flow of work – rather than add to it

• Are evidence informed – each one links back to business success


Follow our suggestions for using the plays to improve:

• Onboarding

• Upskilling and reskilling

• Team learning

• Self directed learning

More importantly, develop your own recipes for using them, to start enabling busy managers in your organization!

Partnered with Emerging Stronger

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