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'Developing a Learning Content Strategy for the Modern Workforce'


© Copyright 2022 · All Rights Reserved 


© Copyright 2021 · All Rights Reserved 

Changes to work and the workforce have put learning teams at the heart of organisational success. 

But, how in a world of abundant resources and courses, can learning teams scale, flex, and deliver effective learning without breaking the bank – and at the accelerating speed of modern business? 

We have partnered with Fosway Group, Europe's #1 HR industry analyst, to provide both unique insights into the world of learning today and direction for L&D teams developing a learning content strategy for the modern workforce.

Download the whitepaper to discover:

- Why the accelerating skills agenda has L&D teams struggling to cope on their own

- Why digital learning is non-negotiable

- How to deliver a learning content strategy that navigates the above

Partnered with Fosway Group

We have also worked with Emerging Stronger to create a number of tools to help you work smarter as an L&D team. Check them out here: 

Why you need to consider the following when developing a content strategy:

- Focus the purpose of the strategy on organisational priorities 

- Source the best content for audience and need

- Embrace AI to do the heavy lifting 

- Embrace learning as a process and create more action-centered and human learning experiences

- Focus on aspirations as well as performance opportunities

- Energise, enable, and empower individual decision making 

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